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Our event portal offers seamless integration with your event.

Pre-registration: Participants can sign up using a simple online form, making it convenient for “pay-on-day” events.

Full registration: Participants can sign up and make payment at the same time.

Payment Partner: We utilise Stripe, a reliable and secure payment platform that allows for custom setups.

Participant Connection

Our portal enables you to easily communicate with your participants via email. You can send messages to all participants or specific groups (e.g. half marathoners only or Vet50 participants). The system will also confirm the successful delivery of the email.


Primarily used for event safety and management.

We also offer the option to link to participant finish footage and live stream your event (at an additional cost, as specified in your event plan). These features can enhance the experience for participants and spectators.

Overall, video is primarily utilized for event safety and management purposes.

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If you wondering how much it would cost for chip timing for your event get in touch now, we would be happy to help.

Meet The Core Team

Co-founders Sharon and Jamie guide you through the effortless process from start to finish
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor
Sharon is a seasoned with a deep passion for the sport. She has traveled around the world to participate in numerous long-distance running events...
Jamie Provan
Jamie Provan
Jamie’s love for technology and innovation led him to develop a new approach to race timing, particularly for hill and off-road events...