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Experience the accuracy of our professional timing equipment at your sporting event. From 5km to ultramarathons, from lakes to mountain tops we have a timing solution that will meet your needs.

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Passive chips on bibs and active chips attached using soft neoprene strap.

Race bibs use passive chips and the soft neoprene strap holds the active chip.

The timing system utilizes RFID technology to transmit information between the participant and the timing equipment. The transponders, also referred to as chips, can be attached to the participant’s bib or worn on the wrist using a comfortable neoprene strap.

The appropriate system for an event depends on the specific needs and requirements. For instance, a passive system may be more suitable for a half marathon or trail race, while an active system may be a better fit for a triathlon or adventure race.

For more in-depth information about our systems, please refer to the tabs below.

This system is intended for mass participation events such as 5km, 10km, half marathon, and marathon road races.

The disposable chip is the most widely used type at such events. The chip is affixed to the participant’s bib number.

In addition to the standard bibs provided at the event, we can also offer customised bibs with the chip already attached.

This chip system is especially suited for use in rugged or wet conditions, such as in triathlons, adventure races, ultramarathons, and bike races.

The chips are designed to withstand harsh weather and rough handling, and can withstand rain, mud, and snow.

With a precision of 0.01 seconds and a maximum speed capability of 93 mph (150kmh), it is highly accurate.

Timing stations can be placed at various points along the course. If any stations are located in areas with poor mobile reception, the active chip will be programmed to store GPS time data. Once the participant reaches the next timing station, the data will be automatically synchronised with our servers.


Regardless of whether you opt to use our own entry system or a third-party system, we will manage and handle your participant information with care. We are familiar with a range of third-party entry systems and can export the data on your behalf. Rest assured that we will adhere to all GDPR regulations when processing the data.


Live timings and results will be made available once participants cross the finish line. If there is good internet service, we can publish the results live online, either on your website or ours.

In cases where internet service is limited, we can provide live results locally by setting up a local WiFi service and/or screens. The specifics will depend on the location of the finish line, which we will be able to assess in more detail once it is determined.

In addition to live results, we can also supply the results in various formats such as Excel, CSV, and PDF, which can be useful for sending the results to official race bodies and results websites.

Additional services (subject to additional charges and conditions) include:

  • Announcer service: We can set up an additional timing point prior to the finish line, allowing you to see participant information and announce participants to spectators in the finishing arena.
  • Print outs: These are small printouts containing time, position, and split information. Split times may depend on the data service at the checkpoint timing stations, which we can discuss in more detail once the locations of the checkpoints are determined.
  • Certificates: We can create customized finishing certificates that participants can print out at home or at work. These certificates can be tailored to your specifications, such as including sponsor logos.
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