Common Questions About Chip Timing

What is chip (RFID) timing?

Chip timing uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) to commuicate information between a participant and the timing equipment.

What are chips?

“Chips” are the common name for transponders. The chips are attached to the participant’s bib or wrist (using a soft neoprene strap) or to the front fork of the bike (neoprene strap not required).

Passive and active chips

Passive chip on the race bib and the Dynamic chip attached to the wristband.

What is the best timing option for my event?

We have 2 systems which can be used and this will depend on your individual requirements of your event.

For example a half marathon road race with 500 participants would use the Passive System (bibs). Meanwhile on a trail or hill race the Dynamic System (chips on wristband) would be better suited for the different terrains.

What is the Passive System?

This is the most common type of chip which you will see at most events. It is designed for mass events for road races like the 5km, 10km, half marathons and marathons where participants levels are large.

The disposable chip is attached to the participants number. We can provide customisable bibs with chips attached to the participants bib.

What is the Dynamic System?

The Dynamic System differs as it sends detailed information to the timing station and is best geared towards trail races, ultramarathons and MTB races. The chip contains a battery which allows effectively means the Dynamic chip talks to the timing equipment.

The chips are designed to withstand all the elements… rain, mud & snow. They are also rebust enough to withstand bangs/bumps/knocks (although we don’t recommend you try to break them).

Running / Triathlons
The Active chip is attached to a soft neoprene band and is wore on the wrist, for running, and the ankle for Triathlons.

Is attached to the front fork of the bike.

These chip are accurate to 0.01 seconds with a maximum speed of 93 mph (or 150kmh).

Store mode & tracking: data is sent to the server using the mobile network, therefore we can collect live checkpoint data. If there is no mobile reception the data is stored to the timing station and automatically sent to the central server when there is a good signal.

Where are results published?

The results can be posted directly to your own website or to our website, providing we have a reliable internet service at the finish line.

Where the internet service is limited we will be able to provide live results to the local area by setting up a local WiFi service and/or screens. We will be able to give more detail once we know the location of your finish line.

Do you offer live timing?

Yes we can provide live timing.

Where there is good internet service we will be able to publish live timings and results to the web. The results can be posted directly to your own website or to our website.

Where the internet service is limited we will be able to provide live results to the local area by setting up a local WiFi service and/or screens. We will be able to give more detail once we know the location of your finish line.

Do you provide registration services?

We have a comprehensive registration service that is customisable to your event. The main advantage is that the data is in the same database and that changes are made instantly.

I have setup my registration with a third party entry system, will this cause a problem?

This is not a problem. All good third party entry systems allow you export your participant data. We are well versed with the third party systems and will be able to assist with the export.

I need the results in a CSV file

We will supply you with the results in your preferred format i.e. excel, CSV, PDF.

This is ideal for sending the results to official race bodies and results websites.

Do you offer an announcer service?

Yes we can provide an announcer service. We will set up an extra timing point prior to the finish line, this will you announce participants as they come into the finishing arena.

This will be subject to conditions, once we know your finish arena setup will be able to provide the best setup.

Do you provide print outs for participants?

Yes we can provide print outs to participants at the finish line. It can detail time, position, categories, splits etc.

In certain cases where a timing station is located in the hills i.e. no internet service, then the split times wouldn’t be available until the tracker was back in an area with internet.

Do you provide Certificates?

We can create finishing certificates that participants can print out at home/work. The certificates are completely bespoke and designed to your requirements, for example including sponsor logo’s.

Tell us about your event

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